Who knows, who knows what tomorrow will hold but I know that we’ll be alright


The Wanted- Replace Your Heart (request)


The Wanted- Replace Your Heart (request)



  • January - do you rather warm or cold weather?
  • February - give one fact/detail about your crush
  • March - favorite color?
  • April - what religion are you?
  • May - what is your eye color and hair color?
  • June - what is the best thing you’ve ever…
I Found You solos
Nathan Sykes

Take a moment please and start to sing along with him (don’t forget sometimes he shouts as well), try get to his tones, feel how you start to try too much (don’t forget how his forehead vein pops out).. how it starts to be harder how your throat suddenly start to sore. Imagine singing this and sometimes another 5 songs in one night. Think of all the times you sing just for fun and stop because you feel a headache. Think that you need to do it to satisfied everyone around you, yourself, to make them proud, but suddenly you have a sore throat oftenly and you get a cold and another one, and another one, but then it’s just stuck (oh and the fact you’re asthmatic as well). x i really feel people don’t take this post seriously, i started to do that, and my throat still sore, but you never never can feel the same as he..


What is the UK’s most popular beverage? (x)


Oh god how the hell they let these guys do an interview LOL


Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

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